Nina Christopoulou Nina Christopoulou | 25 Oct 2022

For this blog, we have taken a deep dive into BigCommerce’s value driving features to unearth the five that stand out.

Growth that is tailored to B2B commerce: B2B Edition

BigCommerce recently launched a solution that fuels B2B ecommerce – known as “B2B Edition”. It offers a powerful set of tools for B2B buying experiences.

Merchants now have the option to create intuitive journeys that convert through B2B optimised themes. BigCommerce makes selling to consumers and to businesses from one platform possible.

B2B Edition offers features that delight professional teams with their ease of use:

  • Sales representatives can create custom discounts or quotes easily
  • Shared shopping lists and buy again functions simplify the ordering process for businesses
  • Corporate account management and payment method visibility control and invoice portal facilitate B2B buying

B2B Edition empowers merchants looking to create seamless paths to purchase for business buyers. Explore what competitive B2B commerce looks like with B2B Edition on this Quba blog.

Unlocking the power of localised ecommerce: Multi-Storefront

BigCommerce’s multi-storefront feature enables enterprise merchants to simplify complex buying experiences at the click of a button – well, almost.

From managing multiple brands, to selling across regions or customer segments, multi-storefront’s centralised control panel and unified data source brings everything together in one place.

A simplified management process that enables you to declutter and streamline – for less hassle, with more power.

The powerful functionality combined with BigCommerce’s SaaS offering means enterprise merchants have more room to scale and grow than ever before. To dive into multi-storefront, head to this Quba blog.

Elevate your brand’s look and feel: theme customisation

The design of the ecommerce storefront plays a massive role in the experience offered to customers. The ability to customise and evolve impacts your professional team’s bottom line. Theme customisation is one of BigCommerce’s most powerful features.

The Stencil theme marketplace has a variety of themes that you can choose from, based on the industry. The Page Builder offers customisation flexibility, so your professional team can easily edit the themes to both enhance the visual experience, as well as align it with your brand.

Storefront changes can be implemented without disrupting the back end; product catalogues and visuals automatically populate, making it a seamless and straight-forward experience. The outcome is a user journey that evolves alongside your customers.

If you would like to see the benefits of effortless theme customisation in action, this Quba case study is the place to look to.

Looking at the bigger picture: SEO Optimisation

BigCommerce makes your team’s life easier with pre-built features that support your SEO strategy. Search engine optimisation is an ongoing process. BigCommerce’s out of the box SEO features allow merchants to do more with their ecommerce strategy.

These include:

  • Optimised URLs
  • Unique URLs
  • Microdata (or “rich snippets”)
  • Automatic redirects

Page hierarchy can improve technical search engine optimisation and HTML-based page builds to boost their crawlability. Stencil themes are also designed with technical SEO in mind.

Facilitating wholesale: Bulk pricing

BigCommerce has endeavoured to make the B2B ecommerce journey as smooth as possible, and bulk pricing is another feature working to that end.

With bulk pricing, it is possible for wholesale - and merchants that typically sell in larger quantities - to set lower prices based on the order quantity. This applies to both specific items, as well as whole categories.

Yet another feature that contributes to an easy to use, intuitive ecommerce platform that works for merchants across industries geographies and segments!

These were just five of BigCommerce’s most powerful features. To uncover the full breadth of possibilities BigCommerce can offer your brand, it is time to speak to a Quba specialist