Nina Christopoulou Nina Christopoulou | 14 Oct 2022

Let’s take a closer look at MSF…

Expand your presence, reach and sales

Multi-Storefront is a great fit for enterprise merchants with a presence across various regions, managing multiple brands or working across customer segments such as B2C and B2B. The feature makes seamless management of multiple storefronts possible – from one dashboard.

The ins and outs

Merchants are now able to set up unique storefronts featuring separate domains, customized design and more – even custom pricing with preferred payment methods.

What’s more, the storefronts share one product catalogue, making it easier to choose which products appear on which storefronts.

While there is significant room to tailor the experience for a range of audiences, it’s all accessible through the BigCommerce control panel. This offers a simplified management process. Less hassle with more power.

Growth tailored to your needs

Multi-Storefront offers a host of benefits. With less integrations and systems to rely on, cost decreases and the focus shifts on streamlining operations. The result is more room for efficiency.

A centralised control panel, and a unified data source result in less repetition and increased capability to analyse activity. Looking at the bigger picture, made simpler.

BigCommerce’s extensive partner ecosystem is key in harnessing the power of this feature. With multiple partners already compatible with Multi-Storefront – and more that are currently offering optimised solutions utilising the new functionality – merchants have more capabilities to choose from. The potential to grow continues to increase.

Reducing complexities allows businesses to focus on building an optimal brand experience, while leveraging the power of headless ecommerce. BigCommerce’s Multi-Storefront feature unlocks new possibilities for ecommerce, with immense potential in a globalised and data centric ecommerce market.

If you would like to explore how BigCommerce’s headless ecommerce can drive growth for your business and increase value for your customers, talk to a Quba specialist now.