You’re frustrated with your CMS. It’s struggling to scale. Your competition use personalisation to enhance revenue, yet you can’t do the same. You’re concerned about the cybercrime risk outdated systems pose too. Migrating to a new platform costs less than a full redesign, yet still delivers scalability, UX and security boosts that extend your site’s lifecycle.

How do we go about replatforming?

Using our platform selection matrix and MoSCoW prioritisation, we work out the most important requirements for the new system and guide you in the decision process. Using our knowledge of the existing project, we specify which parts can be migrated as-is and which require a level of rework. Our aim is to transpose the current project onto the new platform in the smoothest way possible.

For more information on the benefits of replatforming read our article here

"We have moved our entire digital program to Quba and we feel like we are moving in an extremely positive direction that is not only going to improve our confidence but ultimately the user experience and journeys of our customers."
James Dadd, Marketing and Ecommerce Director, JELD-WEN

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