Nina Christopoulou Nina Christopoulou | 25 Sep 2022

The ecommerce market has experienced significant growth over the past years. Digital growth and adoption rates vary, however, for businesses with different audiences. For B2B sales, ecommerce is evolving into a profitable route to market.

A report by Digital Commerce 360 indicates that distributor ecommerce sales grew by 10% in 2020, even among declining total distributor and wholesaler sales. Research by McKinsey on B2B decision makers shows that an estimated two thirds of buyers prefer remote human interactions or digital self service.

Ecommerce has been an obvious choice for B2C merchants in many respects. However, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that legacy processes, including face-to-face and email sales or manual orders, are losing gravitas with today’s B2B buyers. This raises the question: what is in store for B2B digital growth in the coming years?

At Quba, we are big believers in the power of composable architecture. Headless ecommerce enables businesses to build agile systems, leveraging the power of composable architecture, while ensuring they have the right levels of flexibility and scalability for their business.

BigCommerce, Quba’s headless ecommerce partner, recently launched B2B Edition. Simplifying B2B selling, B2B Edition considers all the pieces of the puzzle: online processes, sales teams and – more importantly – customers.

BigCommerce B2B Edition offers a feature set that enables professional teams to evolve their digital sales, with more ease and speed. Contributing to a straightforward set up process are B2B optimised themes. 

When combined with capabilities such as advanced payment options, shared shopping lists and buy-again processes, they bring together B2B experiences that create value for customers – while keeping your professional teams happy.

Unparalleled flexibility fuels digital adoption for your business, whether it’s B2B or a mix of B2B and B2C. With BigCommerce, it’s possible to sell for both audiences, through one platform.

BigCommerce conveniently takes care of automatic updates, as well as security and hosting. More streamlined operations mean more time for your team to focus on the issue at hand. Coupled with B2B Edition’s capabilities, tailored to the unique needs of the B2B buying journey, the possibilities are endless.

Shifting gears and moving into the online space does not need to mean a complete overhaul. It’s possible for businesses to integrate easily with mission-critical systems, leveraging the power of APIs. 

For functionality that goes beyond B2B Edition, BigCommerce’s powerful partner ecosystem is available to merchants. More customisation opportunities translate into more growth.

Businesses can now work with a SaaS partner that empowers them to transfer many legacy processes online – reaching new audiences, accelerating growth and delighting their professional teams.

If you would like to discuss how to transform your business, leveraging BigCommerce’s B2B Edition, talk to one of Quba’s digital specialists today.