Matt Jones Matt Jones | 06 Oct 2017

We are very proud of our office. Our office is based in the centre of Sheffield in an old Methodist Church School.

It's a stunning environment with a huge amount of the original school still in place, from the numbers over the doors of the small wooden classrooms, to the giant arched and stained-glass windows that bring in fabulous variations of light into the office throughout the day.

Of course, being a digital agency, we've had to add our modern touches from the spiral staircases to the glass bowl meeting room overlooking the whole office, to our branding covering the walls.

And what agency would be complete without a pool table and a play station. The quirky layout sometimes doesn't adapt itself well for an office with the wooden partitions, pillars and so many stairs, but that's what we love...that you can find a little nook or corner somewhere to take yourself away to focus or have a meeting in our creative break out space on a different floor from the rest of the office.

And this place isn't cheap to heat with its enormously high ceilings (don't even get us started on trying to change a light bulb) but we think it's worth every penny to work in such an inspiring and atmospheric environment.