Greg  Mathews Greg Mathews | 12 Mar 2019

More often than not support comes as an aftercare service on the back of building a site or migrating onto a new CMS. Your project is finished and you sign onto your developer’s support package. It makes sense.

After all, these are the same people you trusted to create your site. They know it inside and out already, so they’re usually the best placed to fix any issues that pop up, whether an integrated application has stopped working or an update’s gone awry. They can react fast, and if there’s an SLA in place, then you know just exactly how fast.

It certainly helps you sleep at night knowing things will be addressed promptly.

But what if your Kentico support package flipped its focus? What if instead of always reacting to issues, your support team were proactively working with you to develop your site so that it had fewer issues to begin with? What if it wasn’t aftercare so much as future care?

Preventative care always beats treatment

Quba Care for Kentico is a maintenance and performance support service unlike any other. On the surface, it might appear pretty typical. It’s the standard aftercare option for every CMS we’ve put in place ourselves.

But it’s also a stand-alone support service for any Kentico website. We offer an SLA, so there are guaranteed response times and optional 24/7 support. There are different tiers of monthly support packages to choose from. And we offer software add-ons, such as Hotjar to provide additional performance tracking if you’re interested in that type of analysis. So far, so good. It’s all what you’d expect from a basic support package.

Now this is where Quba Care for Kentico starts to forge its own path. When you sign up for Quba Care for Kentico, you’re essentially buying time with our Kentico team. That means time with an Account Manager personal to you, our Kentico Gold Partner developers, our Project Managers, Designers, SEO Specialists, and more. Whatever we do, you can access it through Quba Care for Kentico.

That means we don’t just fix problems—although we certainly do that, too. But we can also work with you to stay on top of changes, such as Kentico updates and security patches, so that your website keeps running smoothly. We can help you track analytics and work on ranking strategy. We can work with you on content marketing to drive inbound traffic.

A healthy CMS supports strong business

And as your business grows, we can leverage Kentico’s excellent scalability to develop your CMS alongside so that it keeps pace with your needs. Quba Care for Kentico is keeping an eye on tomorrow, not only today.

So what does it look like in practice? Well, firstly when we say we have tiers of support packages, what we mean is that you can opt for up to as many hours of Quba Care per month as you like. But whether you have opted for four hours per month or thirty, the quality of care you receive for each hour you use is the same. There are no second class citizens in Quba.

And because it’s Quba Care for Kentico, as opposed to generic support, there is a specialist onboarding process at the outset to get new users settled into Kentico. This helps you and your business get comfortable with new ways of working.

Additionally, your team at Quba will be proactively managing code audits, security changes, Kentico licence and fee management, and more to ensure you don’t get caught out with any modifications. They all come to the table with an in-depth Kentico knowledge base, so you know you’re getting best in class practice on Kentico.

It’s all about balance in your choices

How you choose to use your Quba Care hours is up to you. It’s completely flexible. You can use them to fix problems, of course. And if you have a project-critical site that needs 24/7 support with an emergency turnaround SLA, we certainly offer that.

But if everything is running just fine, and you find yourself with a surplus of hours, we offer a limited monthly rollover, which gives you the chance to use some of your time for development projects. And everything we do under Quba Care for Kentico comes with a 30-day warranty. So the results are guaranteed.

If you’re interested in learning more about Quba Care for Kentico, please get in touch with Greg Mathews, our Client Services Director.

Quba Care for Kentico Key Features

  • Proactive management of Kentico CMS
  • Kentico onboarding
  • Monitoring of upgrades, licencing, security changes, code audits, etc.
  • SLA with guaranteed response times
  • Dedicated Quba Care developer
  • Personal account manager
  • 30-day warranty on all Quba Care work
  • Flexible use of Quba Care time
  • Development, not just fault fixing
  • Rollover of unused hours
  • Optional 24/7 project-critical support
  • Analytics add-ons