Matt Jones Matt Jones | 15 Jul 2022

The ambitious rebranding exercise took place at a time of growth within the market. As digital transformation became top of mind for many businesses, Quba saw a need and an opportunity; to sharpen its proposition.

Meeting the needs of mid-market organisations

With strong credentials in the mid-market space, we are aware of the specialist needs of these organisations, with a revenue between £25 to £500 million per year1 and have extended experience in supporting them build their digital journeys. This was a core focus within the new brand, with which we were keen to make a bold move.

The shift in positioning meant a refined offering as well. The concept of ‘empowering professional teams and delighting customers’ was central to the rebranding exercise. As a team, we were eager to reflect on the impact of our work and the positive effects of our ideas, strategic input and solutions for our clients.

With 22 years of experience, our positioning was clear

The outcome was a fundamental shift in our proposition, and a strong focus on our strategic offering. It was key to create a new brand that stemmed from the team, our work and our aspirations. This is tied to ambitious growth targets over the next two years, while it goes hand in hand with changes to our technology approach.

Eager to create a new identity that would mirror our evolution and our drive to stay on top of innovation and trends within our market, we reflected on our work and ensured that the services are aligned with the next chapter for the agency.

Driving our technology strategy forward

The technology strategy has influenced the rebrand heavily, as we move towards a modular approach to future focused digital solutions, and a strengthened strategic offering that focuses on optimal customer experiences.

The list of technology partners has grown and will continue to do so, in line with our strategy – and our team. We have already added two headless options to our list of technology platforms, with BigCommerce’s headless ecommerce and Contentstack’s headless CMS.

Moving towards composable architecture and technologies that enable a more agile, modular approach to client work strengthens our strategic offering. It also enables us to create more resilient solutions for our clients, that are well equipped to stand the test of time and drive results.

Linking the brand to Quba’s culture and team was pivotal

The new brand has been well received internally, which reflects the level of detail we went into. Our aim was ensuring that whatever came out of this rebranding exercise would speak to the core of our work, while empowering Quba’s team to take ownership of the brand –consequently supporting its evolution.

Ultimately, we wanted to create something beyond a couple of values in a PowerPoint. We wanted the team to truly embrace this change.

The curation of the new brand

Quba’s new brand was curated by London based branding agency Brilliant Path. James Henderson, Founder & Creative Director of Brilliant Path said of the rebrand:

“It was clear early on that Quba’s real value wasn’t simply on their leading technical and development skills but really on their ability to diagnose the fundamental (sometimes not-so-obvious) issues impacting a company’s performance.”

After a thorough discovery process and multiple discussions that explored the agency’s existing work and their approach to the industry and clients’ challenges, a new visual identity was born.

According to James, “the solid “q” symbol acts as a metaphor for conversation - to reflect how the success of a project is determined on understanding the real day-to-day challenges of the people who will ultimately use the tools Quba build for them. (…) The subtle muted gradients convey the ever-evolving underlining needs of a company’s employees and their customers. “

Flexibility, evolution and their interplay with digital experiences have been at the core of the brand development process. “The new brand represents Quba’s belief that digital transformation is never ‘done’. Solutions need to adapt and flex alongside the changing needs of people’s digital experience. To Quba, tomorrow’s revolution isn’t far away.", says James.

Opening a new chapter

Quba’s rebrand has captured the essence of our work – to create beautiful but simple solutions. Digital transformation is in constant movement and we’re always curious to explore new ways of improving employees’ and customers’ experiences.

Quba’s Managing Director, Matthew Williams, says of the rebrand:

“The new brand focuses on Quba’s passion for creating beautiful, simple digital solutions. The digital industry evolves and innovates rapidly, impacting digital experiences and the technology needed to make them a reality. Our aim is to create digital solutions that vastly improve employee and customer experiences.” 

1 According to the Mid-sized Businesses Growth Review at Mid-sized businesses - GOV.UK (