Nina Christopoulou Nina Christopoulou | 14 Dec 2021

The latest addition to the roster of Quba’s digital add-ons? None other than Autotrader’s Stock Management API.

The API is designed to facilitate stock management, while offering the convenience of updating stock in real time, with several parameters available to refine results. The API feed provides users with an overview of various pieces of information, offering data streams that are effectively updated multiple times throughout the day. In unifying data streams that would otherwise be scattered across tools, Autotrader’s Stock Management API facilitates informed decision making in the automotive sector. 

Commenting on the benefits of a possible integration with Autotrader’s Stock Management API, Ben Franklin, Quba’s Technical Director said: “This integration really simplifies the development time required. Where before we would have to implement various workflows, we can now use a single real-time pipeline, meaning we have more time to focus on working out what the customer actually needs”.

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