Nina Christopoulou Nina Christopoulou | 07 Jan 2022

Quba invested in becoming a BigCommerce Agency Partner, expanding our team’s skillset in composable architecture, while offering our clients agile and scalable solutions that empower innovation. 

With ecommerce catapulting during 2020, the need to address the complexity of the consumer journey became even more apparent. From the abundance of consumer touchpoints to the plethora of customer interactions available through APIs, flexibility was a key consideration for the Quba team, in offering tailored digital solutions that enabled businesses to realize their objectives. 

Headless ecommerce provides a true omnichannel experience - a solution that is agile and allows teams to put their innovative spirit to work. 

To gain BigCommerce Agency Partner status, our team underwent training through several modules, expanding Quba’s capabilities in building custom solutions with a composable architecture. We are proud to be an Agency Partner and look forward to realising the full potential of the partnership, creating forward-thinking solutions for our clients.

“Partnering with BigCommerce provides us the opportunity to engage with a growing product with a large customer base and add a high quality ecommerce platform to our offering” commented Ben Franklin, Quba’s Technical Director, on the Agency Partner status.