Our technical ethos

There are various attributes that outline how we go about building software. Some are tangible and some are beliefs, but together they create a framework for us to work within.

This is important because:

  1. It gives confidence to our customers. They understand by using us they are engaging with a development team with a clear vision – they know what to expect.
  2. To create quality products, we must be repeatable. We need to have a formula that works and do it every time, whether that is writing code, deploying software or choosing which product to use. This ensures both quality and efficiency.
  3. We recruit carefully to ensure we bring in the best talent with energy and ideas to further improve our capabilities. They fit in with the values we have. For the team to function efficiently everyone must be working within the same parameters.

Our ethos is to always challenge how we approach technology looking for better ways to deliver an exceptional product. We are constantly seeking improvement, and this was recognised in us being award Dev Team of the year at the UK Dev awards.

Our stack

Our approach to technology is an API first approach, known as composable architecture. By employing this strategy, the best systems can be selected to create a solution that is the perfect fit for your needs. This involves using microservices allow the various systems such as the CMS, DAM or ERP to be fully integrated. The advantages of this approach are scalability, ease of use and low maintenance ongoing costs. 

We construct applications where each part is weakly associated with another, meaning fewer breaking changes. We build with the future in mind, allowing for components to be rebuilt or replaced easily.

Our certifications

We’ve built strong relationships with new and emerging technology platforms. Something unique about the partnerships and the benefits this brings customers.

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