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TPT Retirement Solutions is one of the UK’s leading providers of workplace pensions, with over 350,000 members and £12 billion of assets under management.
The website plays a vital role in providing fund information and resources to pension scheme managers and members as well as generating enquiries for new client acquisition.


in bounce rates


in site visits


Goal conversion

TPT Retirement Solutions

TPT Retirement Solutions are one of the UK’s leading providers of workplace pensions.
Having taken over management of the website after its initial build several years ago, Quba has helped the website keep pace with the growing business by delivering lasting improvements to key high-traffic areas of the site.

Servicing 300,000+ members

Over 70 years, TPT has accrued a vast customer base, comprising pension advisors, employers and members, all of whom have different needs when it comes to fund information.
A primary aim of the website was to support the different information needs of employers and members, reducing the workload on internal fund administration teams.
By focussing on self-service and by rearchitecting the schemes section of the site, we’ve refined the user journey to make sure users get to the information they’re looking for in as few clicks as possible.

Driving customer acquisition

As well as servicing a wide variety of existing scheme holders, we’ve worked with TPT to produce engaging tools and resources to provide added value for new customers. Especially popular are the pension calculators that we build.
These tools provide clarity on some of the big questions often asked about pension schemes are the types of tools potential customers are seeking in online searches. By providing answers to these key questions in a user-friendly manner, TPT are able to attract and engage with potential customers, driving quality new business enquiries.

The results

Working with TPT colleagues over the course of 3+ years, we have been working together to identify well trafficked areas of the website and focus efforts on improving the overall user experience and consistency of the site.
Through this pragmatic approach, we have helped achieve:

  • Bounce rate is down 28% ( ~ 10% year on year on average)
  • Site visits are up 87% ( ~ 15% year on year on average)
  • Goal conversion is up 272% - but not like for like

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