Known as 'the friendly CMS', Umbraco has become the world's most popular open-source .NET CMS. With no licensing costs, a reputation for being highly secure, flexible to implement and scalable, Umbraco has it all.
Why you should use Umbraco

Umbraco is a joy to work with, both developers and marketers love it. Content is king, Umbraco is designed to support your workflow by removing tedious processes. It has a flexible framework making it easy to customise, and with lots of third-party integrations, it's also scalable. And the best bit, no licence fees.


No licence fee

Highly secure

Very intuitive for content editors

Multi language

Powerful API


Why use Quba for your Umbraco project

Whatever the size of your Umbraco project, we have the experience. Our developers are Umbraco certified, and we're also a Microsoft partner. We can make Umbraco work hard for you, especially for custom work and tricky integrations. Add that to our unrivalled UX capabilities, and you have a formula for success.


Benefits of open source

Open-source platforms have no licensing cost, which cuts down on the initial expense of building a web platform. By removing this financial barrier, businesses can access the insights and workflow efficiencies gained from CMS. Your valuable funds can now be used for top-shelf customisation and integrations instead.

No licence cost

Community of developers

Powerful features

Supported by a community

The community is what keeps Umbraco evolving. Beyond its corporate parent, it has an ecosystem of thousands of users who work collaboratively to improve the platform, fix issues, and adapt it to the market's ever-changing needs. It's a supportive online cooperative where Umbraco happens.


Number of active installs
Number of active members in the community
Known free Umbraco packages available

"Quba carried out a detailed technical audit of our Umbraco platform that identified a number of improvements and upgrades required to both stabilise and enhance the system." 

Bob Grayson - Director, Tapestry Legal

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