Microsoft Azure

Azure is more than just hosting, it’s a whole toolset in the cloud. Utilising Azure enables us to leverage the global reach of Microsoft's network, allowing us to build, test, deploy and analyse faster and better.
Why you need Azure

Reach your audience quicker and easier with Azure's fully managed platform for building and deploying web applications. Whether you are developing a website, an API or a mobile application, you can be safe in the knowledge that app services are secure, scalable and compliant. They integrate seamlessly with your DevOps pipeline and are backed by a 99.9% uptime guarantee.


Intelligent search

Azure’s cloud-based cognitive search service allows you to create an industry or even organisation-specific lexicon upon which to base your search function. Full content analysis, including images and PDFs, courtesy of Microsoft’s AI powerhouse, means that search results aren’t limited to text results or tags, but include all content.


Exceptional performance

Being cloud-based gives an elasticity in performance that wouldn’t be possible on physical servers. Security monitoring is robust, and scaling up services in real time excludes any malicious traffic that does get through and keeps you running. A vast content delivery network stores content locally and delivers it fast globally.


Machine learning

Delve into your datasets by training and deploying models in Azure machine learning. The powerful model designer enables us to discover trends and patterns, and use these to improve the experience presented to the customer. You can have full confidence that all data is used in a responsible way with complete transparency and confidentiality.


Multi-layered security

Azure gives you peace of mind that your web applications sit behind Microsofts mulit-layered security architecture. Using a dataset of billions, Azure leverages its own machine learning to gain real time intelligence and detect and disperse threats. All hardware and firmware have integrated security features, and added protection is given via DDoS mitigation services.


Uptime delivered by our Azure hosting service
Years as a Microsoft certified partner
Certified Azure developers

Azure leverages the power of Microsoft and access to a vast trove of internet data to offer valuable services beyond simple cloud hosting.

London Luton Airport
A digital transformation for the UK’s 5th largest airport.
Colosseum Dental Group
Launching a web platform for a dental brand with over 100 practices in the UK.
Education Development Trust
Articulating how a not for profit organisation improves education across the globe.

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