Kentico Kontent

Kentico’s cloud-based headless CMS streamlines content delivery across all channels and improves collaboration between developers and marketing teams. It’s a powerful alternative to traditional web platforms allowing you, your teams and your content to break free.
What is a Headless CMS?

The big difference between a traditional CMS lies in decoupling the backend content from the front-end presentation layer. While the content remains consistent, the front end is free to be used across multiple channels and devices (web, mobile, apps, intranets) in different ways. A headless CMS makes extensive use of API’s to do this. The content doesn’t have to be configured again to fit each channel.


Benefits of Kentico Kontent

By taking your CMS into the cloud and separating the database layer from the front-end, you become far less reliant on your core CMS technology stack. You can wave goodbye to major rebuilds. You can refresh the design without implementing a whole new CMS. A single content source delivers a genuinely omnichannel approach and enables content to be created parallel with development speeding up delivery.


No one-off licence fee

No upgrade path

No major rebuilds

Faster deployment

No technology barriers

Easy integrations

The power of API’s

Application Programming Interface (API’s) enable content and data to be integrated and shared across web-based services. They are at the heart of a headless CMS like Kontent, which takes full advantage of Kentico’s strength on integrations with a wide variety of services from AI search, digital asset management and e-commerce. The result is your customers get a consistent experience regardless of the channel or device they are using. 


Better team collaboration

You can store all your content in the cloud and collaborate seamlessly with remote teams. Kontent allows you to manage access permissions by assigning team roles to ensure editorial control. A single, focalised publishing workflow results in a uniform roll-out of new content across all channels.


Kentico awards
Kentico website and application developments
Years accumulated developer experience

Combined with Kentico’s reputation for flexibility and low-fuss integration, Kontent is showing itself to be a powerful alternative to the traditional CMS.

Avanti Gas
A six stage digital transformation strategy for a major supplier of LPG gas.
Colosseum Dental Group
Launching a web platform for a dental brand with over 100 practices in the UK.
London Luton Airport
A digital transformation for the UK’s 5th largest airport.


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