Discovery & planning

The Discovery Phase is an exploration of your organisation, your customers and the market you operate in. We’ll collaborate with your team working through a series of workshops and research tasks, setting the strategic direction for your project.
Why you need Discovery

Discovery is a critical foundational stage that kicks off our project delivery process. By building a strong knowledge base from the outset—knowledge about your own organisational practices, customers, market sector, competitors, and technology needs— our team will create a series of strategic insights and recommendations that will be presented back to you.


The Discovery process


Workshop - Our team works with you to deep-dive into content needs, personas and user journeys that will meet your business aims.

Refine & define - We create user models and architecture maps out of the workshop outcomes supported by further research activity. 

Findings - We use virtual whiteboards and screen share sessions to keep you up to date with progress with a final presentation sign off before we move forward.


We do these either face to face or online, providing an opportunity for your team and other stakeholders to contribute vital insights. We’ll collate information about your market position, your sales process, audience types and existing technologies that we may need to interface with. These sessions are essential to provide the strategic direction for your project.


User research

Our research methods are designed to understand the real people who interact with your web platform. We gather behavioural data and interview users to understand why and how they use it, and—crucially—how they feel about it. This informs a set of key user journeys that define site architecture.


Years delivering Discovery workshops!
Average number of participants in a workshop
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"Quba’s approach got right to the heart of what really mattered on this project. They immediately understood what we wanted to achieve and were able to add value throughout."

Steven Taylor, Marketing Director, Colosseum Dental UK


Health Systems Global
Conducting a usability review and research project for leading international health systems membership group.
The Grosvenor Property Group
A web platform for the UK’s largest private property group.
London Luton Airport
A digital transformation for the UK’s 5th largest airport.

UX & design

UX & design
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