Supporting a brand merger and relaunch for one of the UK’s largest industry pension providers

Merging two major rail industry pension providers

Merging two major rail industry pension providers

When Railpen, one of the UK’s largest pension schemes, managing over £37 billion of assets, merged with RPMI, it needed to unify both brands onto one website. Both companies were born out of the rail industry, with RPMI looking after the interests of half a million members across the UK and overseas as an established pensions provider and administrator. Railpen supports over one hundred employers within the Railway Pension Scheme, providing investment management for the scheme’s trustees.   

The Challenge   

Our main challenge was to deliver a platform that supported Railpen’s future vision and goals, including:

  • Branding – to reflect Railpen’s new brand identity using fresh imagery and tone of voice.
  • Architecture – to support the brand’s content strategy, the site had to support distinctively different types of content designed for three key user groups: members, investors, and stakeholders.
  • Easy navigation – to enable Railpen to gain better usage data and other insights that would allow it to continually improve the content and user experience.  

Our approach  

This project needed plenty of research and exploration. First, we conducted subject matter expert interviews with stakeholders across the business. This helped us to understand how the organisation could use digital to support both end-user groups: members and investors. 

User experience mapping helped us to identify the journeys users took and the touchpoints they encountered which, when combined with the outcomes of the content audit, helped us to develop a content structure that would serve the user's needs and provide relevant tools in the CMS to maintain content ongoing.

It was critical to capture the future vision and company culture so we worked closely with Railpen’s brand team to develop a digital guide for the digital space.

A robust future-proofed content platform  

A flexible and robust platform was required to meet their needs and grow with them as the business evolved. The Umbraco CMS is an open-source platform based on Microsoft technologies that makes it easy to manage and present different types of content to different types of users.  

Our technical team used some clever technology ‘Knowledge hub grids’ to give Railpen control over the UX and design elements. 

Business outcome 

The new website is designed to illustrate Railpen’s values, mission, and purpose while expressing the brand’s personality. It is easy to navigate and structured to allow audiences to find relevant information efficiently.  

It serves Railpen’s needs perfectly and will continue to do so well into the future.  

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