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Inspiring a generation of professionals back into teaching


Education recruitment specialist Now Teach supports professionals who are considering a change in career into the teaching profession.  

Their marketing team needed to attract more applications. A new website was key to this, projecting the benefits of teaching, supported by a sign-up and support process that was as simple as possible.  

Supporting the acquisition of new leads  

Now Teach’s remit is to attract professionals interested in a career in teaching. A new website would be the main channel for delivering new applications. It would also support the recruitment process for candidates via an application portal and information hub.   


Identifying the needs of the customer 

Our Discovery process explored the business needs and goals aligning these to the needs of their key two user groups: 

  • Potential candidates known as Career Changers 
  • Successful candidates known as Now Teachers  

We mapped out user journeys for both types and created content strategies to engage with and support them through the process.  

“We punch big for a small organisation. I think Quba got that from the beginning. working with any agency, you need advocates inside the agency which we felt we had with Ben, Quba’s Technical Director and Amy, their Head of UX and Design”
Robert Dickinson, Marketing Manager, Now Teach

Supporting all stages of the candidate application  

Having reviewed the needs of the marketing team, the Umbraco CMS was selected for its versatility, value and ease of implementation.  

The platform features improved functionality offering a sophisticated customer portal guiding applicants through every step of the process from sign up to onboarding. 

It allows candidates to source training support and practical information that is tailored to their stage of development as trainee teachers.  

The application process integrates with Now Teach’s CRM tool, Salesforce, further streamlining operations.  

Business outcome  

The Now Teach website plays an essential role in generating candidate enquires. 

It delivers a tailored experience to users, based on where they are in the training process: “Candidate”, “Onboarding”, or “Staff Room”, increasing the conversion rate of registrations.   

The new website communicates the Now Teach vision and purpose with more impact, positioning them as a market leader for delivering successful teacher training programs.

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