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Elevating the online patient experience for Europe’s fastest growing dental group

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A new platform for a revitalised brand

With the acquisition of 70 independent practises across the UK, it sought to establish a UK web presence.

Following this move, Colosseum Dental faced the challenge of creating a seamless digital experience for their audience. This translated into a single website presence, that would communicate the brand and values of the group, while also reflecting the look and feel of the newly fitted surgeries.

Elevating the digital experience for patients

There is great potential for improving the patient experience through digital, even before audiences visit the practises. Colosseum Dental sought to improve the website experience for a varied audience, which included existing and new NHS patients, aesthetic customers, new practises for acquisition and more.

Focusing on a web presence that elevates the digital experience for existing patients, while driving new patients online, was a priority with this project. Key considerations in developing the strategy for an elevated experience in sync with the dental group’s objectives included: communicating the brand seamlessly across practises and aligning the website with business objectives in recruiting dentists, acquiring practises and driving enquiries for private treatments.

"Quba’s approach got right to the heart of what really mattered on this project. They immediately understood what we wanted to achieve and were able to add value throughout."
Steven Taylor, Interim Marketing Director

Mapping the experience from audience to design

To identify a strategic roadmap for approaching a complex audience and a demanding branding exercise, we collaborated with a mix of stakeholders from within the group:

  • We drilled down into the user personas, to create the foundation for a user experience that would address the various segments. This led to the development of seven personas that the web presence was called to consider and accommodate.
  • We investigated the customer personas together with key stakeholders, linking offline and online journeys through process maps, to create a seamless experience that would delight Colosseum Dental’s intended audiences.
  • We leveraged the power of Kentico CMS to add capabilities for both external audiences and the group’s internal teams.
  • We married the design of the online with that of the offline experience, to ensure the new look to Colosseum’s dental practises was conveyed digitally and that the overarching brand feel was captured.

Delivering for the dental group and their audience

The wide spectrum of audiences that use Colosseum Dental’s website benefit from an elevated digital experience, that communicates the group’s values and branding, while creating space for their independent practises.

Our collaboration led to:

  • An enhanced and frictionless digital experience for a wide spectrum of user journeys that make up the Colosseum Dental audience.
  • The consolidation of the Colosseum brand under one platform which would also speak to the look and feel of the newly fitted surgeries.
  • Streamlined business processes through a powerful and flexible CMS – Kentico.
  • An easy to navigate journey for private treatments that would drive enquiries.

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