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Improving your conversion rate by just a few percentage points can have a huge impact on your business bottom line.


What's included in our FREE conversion audit?

Get immediate and actionable ideas along with a review of your Google Analytics set up with our FREE conversion audit.
What you get:

  • KPIs and Reporting
    Ensure all valuable actions on your website are being tracked correctly and determine whether your reports are delivering benefits to your business.
    Instructions on how to set up one goal or this can be done by us if given admin access.
  • Key Page Analysis
    Analyse key pages in the conversion process such as product pages using heatmaps and UX techniques.
    Analysis of one key page.
  • Form Optimisation
    Analyse forms to identify fields where users are having issues causing conversion rates to drop.
    Top line analysis of one key form.
  • Conversion Funnel Analysis
    Analyse the steps before a conversion and identify trouble areas causing visitors to abandon.
    Analysis of simple funnel or recommendations to set this up correctly.

What's needed to get started?

  • A short call with our performance analyst to discuss your areas of focus and current activity.
  • Access to Google Analytics.

What will be delivered?

  • A written report with observations and actionable recommendations.
  • NOT just the output of an automated audit tool...

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Rebecca and I have worked together over the last year driving improvements to The Priory website. We have been able to inform our ideas with the analysis of web analytics and user survey data which has allowed us to identify key areas for improvement such as campaign landing pages and online forms."
- James Cordall, Head of Digital Marketing, The Priory Group
I first worked with Rebecca on a major re-development of our Ecommerce website. She led a thorough analysis project and audited the effectiveness of our online proposition from commercial, technical and UX perspectives. This analysis directly guided a conversion rate optimisation and development process which resulted in a sharp increase in conversion rate and revenues.

Who will perform your audit?

Rebecca Jesson

Rebecca Jesson
Performance Analyst

Rebecca, works with clients who have a focus on lead generation and sales. She is Google Analytics qualified and uses the latest tracking software to ensure we know exactly how our clients websites are performing.

About Quba

Quba is a digital marketing and web development agency.

Strategic decisions should be guided by constant consideration for end users hitting your goals. We use a range of tools to evaluate the effectiveness of design, navigation and content. This allows us to highlight issues with user experience and to test potential solutions without building full prototypes.

Our in house analysts will help you to make sense of data and use it to improve performance, an approach that has seen our work shortlisted for 7 industry awards in the last 2 years.

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