Webinar: How much is a link worth?

What a link is worth to your business? What SEO value is your linkbuilding activity delivering? Watch our webinar to find out.

05 Oct 2015
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Helen Morgan

This blog post is to support our webinar on understanding the SEO value of your linkbuilding activity. For those who were unable to join us, we have embedded a recording below. We cover a lot of detail in this webinar, so there are also some notes below the recording.

The webinar covers:

  • What specific types of links will boost SEO performance? 
  • How do you assess whether you are getting the right type of links? 
  • How do you establish targets for link generation?

If you have any questions on anything featured in this webinar, or would like to talk to us about our SEO services please don't hesitate to get in touch.



Key Points

  • Link quality is critical to SEO performance.

  • It’s true that some factors may be out of your SEO provider’s control, but they are in control of the links they’re generating.

  • One solid way of assessing the return on your SEO investment is by assessing whether the links being achieved are of a high enough quality.

How to assess link quality:

  • Topical relevance of linking website/page

  • ​Popularity of linking domain

  • Trust of linking domain

To improve your website’s link quality you need to achieve links from topically relevant websites/pages that score above average CitationFlow and TrustFlow. Link quality is far more important than link quantity!

Find out more about one of our campaigns to deliver quality links in our GB Posters case study.