Fostering innovation in an agency setting

Last week, I attended a training day in central London titled 'Innovation & product development training', held at UX agency Webcredible.

25 Nov 2016
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Jenny Buckingham

Here at Quba, we provide a service to our clients via our processes and project methods, and we deliver a bespoke product for each of our clients. We like to think we're innovative in our deliverables and that they succeed once released into the world, but how can we adjust our approaches to enhance innovation and creativity across the agency?

What is innovation?

Innovation is one of those words that, when you think about it, becomes quite difficult to pinpoint a definition. It's not made up of a 'eureka' moment and takes time and effort to produce, it's not one person that has the 'creative mind' or a specific thing you search for.

The training taught us how to alter our environment and processes to foster innovation, be it for our own internal uses or to help achieve our clients objectives via a digital project.

The key take-home messages from this day were:

  • Innovation only starts when you can understand the market's or users' needs in depth. Identifying an opportunity begins only when you know the downfalls of a user's current experience.
  • Never assume a user's emotions, actions, thoughts or feelings through a journey. Assumed knowledge will hold you back and could prevent identification of real user behaviours.
  • Collaboration is integral to successful innovation, multiple minds are better than one. 
  • Launching to market with an MVP is standard when a disruptor enters the market place.
  • Most people think, work, behave differently. Create your teams using a wide range of roles to encourage success.

Sharing knowledge is important to us at Quba, so next on the agenda for us are some internal workshops to put into practice the UX tools and techniques taken from the training. Innovation can come in many forms; service, product, process and more - we'll be applying our first workshop to one of these and growing from here.

Most of all, we look forward to coming up with more innovative solutions for our clients moving forwards. Get in touch for a chat if you'd like to hear more about how we can do this for you on 0114 279 7779.

"You only fail if you don't learn"