Official Microsoft Gold Partner

We are delighted to announce that we have become a Microsoft Gold Partner.

23 Mar 2017
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Ben Franklin - Technical Director

Being a Microsoft Gold Partner is a great accolade to have but what does it actually mean to our clients, and what does it say about us.

Signing up to become a basic partner is fairly straightforward. However, to take the step to going through the ranks and become a certified Gold partner, a company needs to commit to doing a lot more.

  • Passing a whole range of tests to prove competencies 
  • Gather customer references for validity
  • Have at least 4 qualified Microsoft Certified Developers who have each passed at least one certification exam issued by Microsoft
  • ...all whilst earning 120 partner points.


Seem like a lot of trouble for a badge? Well, Microsoft realises that companies who hit the ‘spot’ in terms of the above should be providing their customers with a high level of support and satisfaction. This can only be a good thing for Microsoft. So partners can expect a whole range of benefits that mean you have a safer pair of (very knowledgeable) hands on your relevant projects:

  • Advanced and exclusive access to many Microsoft tools and utilities
  • Access to continuous technical support
  • Free licenses and reduced costs for many different tools
  • Being the first to hear new information, tips and insights direct from Microsoft’s head office.

So we can confidently say we give:

  • First class support. Our support will mirror the first class access we get to Microsoft support. Ensuring direct information from the ‘horse's mouth’ via up to date experts…
  • alluded to above. This advice will be up to date due to being part of the network for latest news and plans; whether the latest release will be worth holding out for
  • Certified expertise so you know you are in safe hands. With access to the latest tools and training, this won’t get dated.

We would proclaim to have always covered all of the above. But now we have the badge of honour to show for it!

Ben Franklin

Technical Director