eCommerce project round table (video)

We're currently one month into an e-commerce redesign and rebuild project. In this video we explain the activities undertaken to understand the mechanics of our clients business.

10 Mar 2016
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Jenny Buckingham

With the project in full flow we decided to run an internal round table session to run through the assets created so far. The recording below covers what we discussed.

We've really enjoyed all the work done to date and by working iteratively we have been able to refine and develop our ideas leading to better more informed decisions. Our client is happy which is why he was happy for us to share this with our team and now, the world!
If you’ve any questions, or would like to chat through anything in the presentation then just drop us a line and we’d be happy to help.

What are 'round tables' and why do we do them?

Most service based organisations comprise a mixture of individuals each of whom possess a particular set of skills and experiences which when pooled together produce something that is commercially valuable.
Digital agencies are no different. UX designers, project managers and developers to name but a few, all have specific skills and all play a part in producing something that will ultimately make our clients happy and successful.
But how much does a developer need to understand about the role of the project manager? Or how much does an account handler need to appreciate the detail of ASP .NET?
We strongly believe that having an understanding of the techniques and processes used by other team members and how these are used on specific projects improves the team dynamic within the agency and ultimately produces a better service for our clients.
For a while now we’ve been running regular, informal get-togethers at lunchtimes (we call these ‘round tables’) to share knowledge and experiences across the team. There is no format or time duration for these and no expectation to deliver a slick presentation. In fact sessions can literally just be a brief introduction to a subject area which can lead to a Q&A session that opens up the discussion.    
We’re finding that by better understanding each other’s job roles and the way we all contribute to a client’s project brings big improvements to the way we communicate with each other and our customers which ultimately produces a better service.