Twelve months on, how is Sitefinity performing under new ownership? Part 2

My previous article summarised the main product enhancements introduced in the past 12 months. This article examines the vision for Sitefinity going forward and considers how the product should be further improved in 2016. 

09 Mar 2016
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Chris Bainbridge

If you missed out on how the Sitefinity product has evolved in the past 12 months, feel free to read the article here.

The Official Future...

Now the dust has settled from the takeover the roadmap for the future and direction of Sitefinity can be located here.


Sitefinity vision is defined as:

“Telerik Sitefinity strives to be a partner in success for businesses who are dedicated to delivering an excellent customer experience across every digital channel. Sitefinity provides a flexible and predictive customer experience management platform that combines web content management and advanced customer analytics to empower marketers to create relevant customer engagement across channels and devices. Our vision is driven by strong market forces which are completely transforming the way businesses and their customers interact with each other.”

What we would like to see

We are always talking to our Sitefinity customers about the new releases and have noted a few things we would like to see in the future.

Marketing Features and Personalisation

These features are really exciting but Sitefinity will need to continue to invest in order to keep up with the competition as they continue to offer more mature features and functionality. The Digital Experience Cloud is a really good piece of kit but needs to be fully exploited in the next few years.

We would like to see a firmer plan of how it will be taken to market and how customers can use it. On a technology level we are really impressed by it but recognise that vendor marketing and selling of these tools is essential to effective client take-up.


Third Party Integration

We would expect more investment in deeper integration with the current connectors, such as Salesforce,com, Microsoft Dynamics and Oracle Eloqua and Marketo for example. While also, expanding and creating new connectors for more integration with other third parties.

Specific use cases - what sort of data do you want? We believe this is key, as most of our clients already have a CRM, ECM is place and want CMS to integrate with the current system already in place. So they want a platform which already has this flexibility in built or framework which can easily be modified for any integration.

CMS User Interface

While the back-end UI of Sitefinity CMS hasn't changed for a number of versions, this is mainly due to it working very well and generally fit for purpose. Giving training on how to build pages is easy with the ‘drag and drop’ and the functionality to add layouts/widgets to build pages is a joy.


However, the current design/interface, can be considered in some places to be dated, especially in doing a direct comparison to the new interfaces offered by Umbraco and Kentico platforms. It would be nice, if some improvements could be made in this area as trying to make changes on a tablet or a phone in the current system isn’t optimised at present.


It is possible for really user friendly technology to become boring… Remember Nokia?!


Exciting times ahead

The next 12 to 18 months are going to be an exciting times ahead for the Sitefinity product to see them execute the outlined roadmap. The past two years have been very successful with the inclusion in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for successive years.

With the backing and partnership of resources from Progress, along with their knowledge and experience, this can only mean good things for the product.