4 Content Marketing tips for Recruitment Businesses

Helping recruitment businesses to engage with employers and candidates

08 Jun 2017
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Jon Eaton

Over the past 18 months we’ve started providing Content Marketing services for four Recruitment companies. The placements range from full time medical positions to contract work for a global oil and gas companies. This blog describes how our service helps our clients in four key areas.

1. Building brand awareness with employers

No jobs = no applications = no money. Simple equation but interestingly a lot of recruitment companies spend too much time chasing applications rather than showing employers that they know their sector. The result? When positions do become available it is the usual bun-fight between you and other recruiters to get hold of the people who matter.

Working closely with Fircroft allowed us to identify target audiences; whether these were potential candidates seeking employment, or niche industries that Fircroft wished to target with the aim of future partnerships.

The content created during our partnership with Fircroft helps to demonstrate their thought leadership throughout the sectors they operate in. This is important in allowing them to act as both an ongoing strategic recruitment partner for their clients, as well as remaining front of mind with potential candidates.

2. Applicant Registration

Relevance and context is as important for registering applicants as it is for schmoozing employers. Many applicants are dubious about whether recruiters actually have roles available (they may just want to harvest your details) so some proof in the pudding is a good way of providing reassurance. Dynamically driven content like this helps.


Beyond the proof that jobs actually exist (and most importantly a mix of jobs which appeal to a broad base of potential employees) content that shows empathy and understanding is a good way of building brand loyalty. The piece of content below does that nicely.


3. Re-engaging with applicants on short term contracts

Anyone who has worked in Oil and Gas knows that share price falls and rises mean immediate changes in labour requirements for employers. This is why a lot of Fircroft’s placements are short term. For lots of recruitment businesses this would be a problem, however, the very reasonable day rates paid for contract staff in this industry makes business worthwhile.

The challenge then becomes how to re-engage with placed candidates so that when they are applying for their next role they think of Fircroft before contacting a competing agency. This is where our blogs educating on what it is like to work on projects around the world becomes really useful. The article below discusses the opportunity for engineers on up and coming high profile contracts.


4. Generating Links to improve SEO and awareness

The primary aim of much of our work for these businesses has been to generate content that is linked to by other authoritative websites. The key to this work is quality not quantity. Generally high quality content achieves high quality links but not necessarily by the dozen. Following Google’s Penguin update back in 2012 Google will penalise low quality, high volume links. High quality inbound links mean that Google sees these websites as more relevant which improves SEO.


Unfortunately the ‘if we build it they will come’ concept doesn’t apply when it comes to creating great content so we have a follow up process which helps us to maximise the value from each investment. Specifically this includes supporting the client with social advertising and reaching out to influential social media profiles and website managers to secure shares and backlinks. If you would like to talk to a member of our team about how we do this please