How mobile trends can benefit social media and content marketing

In the last few years it’s become obvious that brands need to “go mobile” in order to keep up with internet browsing trends.

22 Jul 2015
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Luke Cope

What do these trends mean for brands engaging in social media and content marketing?


A recent study on e-commerce sites shows that website traffic from mobile devices has nearly doubled since 2012. The same study also provides valuable information on conversion rates by device, showing that tablets are slowly overtaking desktop devices in terms of conversion rates. By contrast smartphones are converting at just a third of the rate of desktop and tablet devices, suggesting that they are more of a browsing platform for customers. (Source)

Targeting Mobile Browsers

It appears that customers are using their phones for general browsing, reading, comparing and researching, which makes the mobile platform the perfect solution for social media and content marketing. Twitter has always been a useful news feed and mini press release platform, and this is the way it should be used when targeting mobile browsers. It’s a fresh method of promoting company activities and the possibilities are pretty much endless.

A follower of your brand can now be flicking through your Twitter news feed and be bombarded with innovative Vine videos, links and Instagrammed pictures, all related to your own brand.  GAP recently released a Vine video on Twitter of the history of their jean labels, a simple video but one that achieved a high level of virality and the type of post that jumps out at customers. It’s all about pushing that brand aspect to these mobile viewers. Oreo do the same, constantly looking to promote brand conversation by posting out fun videos such as their one on how to make an Oreo kebab.

Content Improves Brand Awareness and Loyalty

Content marketing requires a slightly different approach. You’ll often need a responsive website or a standalone app dedicated to your web content or else your bounce rate from mobile devices will be through the roof no matter how good the content. A stand alone, branded content app is an interesting area at the moment; you obviously need heaps of regular content for it to be successful but with so many large companies investing in their own online magazines it makes sense to expand the content experience to mobiles. After all, this is where people are browsing and these types of online ‘magazines’ go a long way in encouraging interaction and social sharing which boosts brand awareness and loyalty.

Retail giants Topman have recently launched the first ever mobile-friendly, social and interactive men’s fashion magazine. Within the first few months of launching Topman Generation they’ve managed to convert 3% of their 550,000 unique viewers on the online store and achieved a retweet % of 55% on its Twitter postings (Source). This kind of interaction will only increase with the rising number of return visitors and the knock on effect that social shares has in attracting new visitors.

With mobile internet usage being projected to overtake desktop usage by 2015, it’s becoming a huge area for companies to exploit by utilising effective social media and content marketing. With the right strategy, the ‘just browsing’ trend on smartphones can be a gateway to social engagement rather than a barrier to sales.