Rear of the year - Hubspot CRM

Driven by it's UI Hubspot CRM proves to be an efficient and hardworking system.

25 Jan 2017
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Jon Eaton

Every now and again we write a review on a piece of software just because we think they’ve done a fantastic job. We started using Hubspot in Q4 last year and it is a fantastic exemplar of what an integrated hard-working business system should be - incredibly powerful but childishly simple. Here’s why:


Integration with Outlook and Gmail

A lot of CRM’s integrate with email providers. Where Hubspot is different is that the integration is way beyond paying lip service to a feature requirement on a CRM software tender. It is genuinely very useful integrating in different ways without creating a complicated user experience.



Notes and attachments in prominent places

When we used Salesforce a few years ago one of the major frustrations was that even when you changed the standard set up notes and attachments got lost on the page.

Because the new UI of Hubspot is so clean it makes it really easy to see things that are not normal. For notes and attachment this is really useful; no longer are they disregarded at the bottom of a long form. They are obvious and prominent features of each client relationship.


A new/better way of looking at sales

For businesses like Quba, the Hubspot deals area is fantastic. Effectively it acts as a SCRUM board showing you at a glance where you are at with both new and existing business.

Whilst I can appreciate that for larger more complex businesses the absence of cash-flow projection within the CRM would probably eliminate Hubspot for businesses like us it makes perfect sense. Even when we are in a tender process with set deadlines for decision-making it is almost impossible to define invoicing schedules until very late in the sales process. And even when payments are agreed there is always the possibility of delays to invoicing and payments based on project progress. Lot’s of other businesses face this problem making revenue forecasting within their CRM a largely redundant feature.

It might not necessarily be the right CRM for you, but with impressive email integration, key information where you want it (visible!), and a new way of looking at sales, we can all appreciate the direction Hubspot CRM has taken. 

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