Amrita Nutrition - A digital transformation e-commerce project

Digital transformation project delivers 60% year over year sales increase in its second month after release and 198% increase in weekend revenue.

16 Jan 2017
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Jenny Buckingham

Amrita Nutrition is a premium supplier of high quality, superior nutrition supplements. Quba and Amrita Nutrition have worked closely together to transform both Amrita’s business processes and digital landscape. Using Magento 2, we have developed bespoke, complex functionality and sourced new software to improve the end-to-end services; from order processes to shipping automation. 

We launched the new site (a product of 11 months work) in November 2016. It includes enhanced features for Amrita’s customer segments and updated software to improve the back-office, day-to-day functions. 

The project combined:

  • A full rebrand (completed by our friends over at Side by Side).
  • A product content audit of over 1000 products.
  • A full re-design founded on user-led UX design.
  • A complete re-build in a brand new platform.
  • Back-office process changes driven by new software integrations.
  • SEO technical audits and consultancy. 

After 6 years of organic growth for Amrita Nutrition (previously Functional Nutrition Supplements), limitations were becoming ever present. Both in their website provisions and back-office manual processes (for example, stock management and sales reporting).

It was time to break the ceiling with a refreshed digital offering and provide extensibility for continuous improvements, drive back-off efficiencies, increase revenue and importantly, scalability for the years to come. 

A user-centric approach was selected for the project, combining a variety of UX tools and techniques to draw the maximum possible out of the designs. Only once we had determined the optimum site functionality and structure for the user, did we determine which platform to use in development. Research and comparison matrices led us to the decision to work with Magento 2; a drastically new version following their version 1. 

Similar research was completed for which other technologies and systems to use, and the product as of launch integrated with:

  • Shipping software 
  • 2 x Payment gateways 
  • Various Magento extensions 

2 - 3 months after launch, we are gathering many metrics to measure the success of the new digital offering. These include:

  • A 60% sales revenue increase for the month of December (compared to Dec ‘15) 
  • A 198% increase in weekend sales revenue
  • A 6% decrease in phone orders (and conversely a 6% increase in ratio of online transactions) 
  • A google ranking jump from 23rd to 2nd for the term ‘Nutrition Supplements UK’ and from 32nd to 5th for ‘Nutritional Supplements’.

As a local business based in our hometown of Sheffield, we worked with Amrita Nutrition and their team to become a close working partner. Since the launch we’ve continued to work on the site and are currently underway with the next phase of digital evolution for Amrita Nutrition. 

It’s a project we’ve loved working on and are looking forward to continuing the relationship we have to help drive the continued success of Amrita Nutrition. Come back soon to read up on the full case study, otherwise, feel free to drop us a line on 0114 279 7779 or email if you’d like to find out more.