Webinar: Promoting content in-house - tips from an Outreach Specialist

Are you worried that your investment in content marketing isn’t delivering results? Join our outreach specialist to discover how your content can reach huge audiences and earn authoritative links

03 Feb 2016
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Helen Morgan

This blog post is to support our webinar on planning your content marketing for maximum efficiency. For those who were unable to join us, we have embedded a recording below. We cover a lot of detail in this webinar, so there are also some notes below the recording. 

In this 30 minute session you will learn:

  • How outreach can maximise ROI from your content marketing
  • Why links gained from outreach are more valuable than other links
  • How outreach can bring long-term added value to your content campaigns

These insights will help you squeeze better results from your content marketing by shaping a strategy around outreach.

This webinar is perfect for you if you are:

  • A Marketing Manager
  • Part of an in-house content team

Why do outreach?

Content creation is pointless without it.

If you invest time in researching popular topics and creating content, then upload the content to your blog and post it out on social media, you may find that very few people see it.

Do not use a ‘built it and they will come approach’ because not enough people will come and your investment of time and money wil have been largely wasted. Outreach is not an option, it’s a necessity.

Outreach can be more effective than advertising

People are wired to trust third-party recommendations.

If someone regularly visits an influential website then they begin to feel a bond with it. If that website says ‘Hey, check out this cool piece of content which my friends over at company x have created!’ then the reader will associate company x’s name with also being trustworthy. 

Outreach allows you to piggyback on other people's websites

If someone else has built a brand which people trust and which gets thousands of repeat visitors every day, it could take you years to achieve the same level of success.

Instead, if you contact them, build relationships with the person who edits the content in your niche, and then maintain that relationship, you’ll soon be able to start asking if they think your content would be worth mentioning in one of their articles.

If they say yes then your content has just got thousands of hits overnight - something it would never have achieved if it had just sat on your website. Let the influencers carry you to success.

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