Andy Precious Andy Precious | 30 Nov 2015

When your supplier understands your business, your objectives, your customers and your technical platform, you will benefit and frequent contact with your agency will enable this. This is where a retainer can help.

A retainer is an agreement whereby you as a client commit to a certain monthly spend and your supplier in turn commits to level of service. This is a “quid pro quo” arrangement; the client has reserved expertise (to the extent that their work is prioritised) and the supplier can better manage capacity. Web site software is a living thing, just like your business, and your project is likely going to grow in different directions over time after your initial engagement with us. A retained relationship helps us keep your website in step with your and your clients’ changing needs. Retainers are an easy way to break larger projects into a shorter, less-expensive activities while preserving the option of a larger project if needed. Many of our clients will use retainer time to “test” an idea and then build on that idea with a separate project. Retainers are well-suited for “as needed”, ongoing, or exploratory projects. Retainers also reduce the perceived risk of the you "not knowing everything I need", because they give you an explicit, no-guilt option for adding things to the project scope later once you learn they're needed; websites live and change. Many digital services are great candidates for retainer services because they require time, ongoing attention, and expertise to drive successful results. Retainers are ideal arrangements for getting ongoing support and making continual improvement to your business. A retainer makes the most sense when the services are ongoing, and it isn’t clear exactly what will need to be done at any given time. They are not just limited to developments. Some clients have a retainer with us just to be available to bounce ideas off of us or get advice when they need it. You need to be able to keep improving your platform to deliver better results and to be able to take requirements from different parts of your business and set realistic expectations about if and when those requirements can be met. Quba Care, is the name of our retainer service. By signing up to Quba Care you have an agreed number of hours to use each month and a clearly laid out response target timetable. Quba Care includes:

  • Retained Support and access to digital specialists
  • Priority access to design and technical resources
  • 30 day Warranty on all new work
  • Named account team members
  • Website error reporting
  • Standard Google Analytics Dashboard (optional advanced dashboard)
  • 24/7 support (recommended but optional)
  • Hosting services (optional)

What we do for you depends on the level of service you sign up for and how you choose to use your Quba Care budget.

Whether you’re currently a client of ours, or have a project you want to talk to us about, feel free to get in touch on 0114 279 7779 or drop us a line at for more information.