Matt Jones Matt Jones | 21 Apr 2022

We have come a long way since then, continuing to pivot as the industry changes. The past two years have been a brilliant example of Quba’s evolutionary spirit, accelerated in many ways through the pandemic that ushered so many aspects of our work online. Towards the end of 2021, the team has grown both in size and in scope, adding some exciting new roles to the existing roster.

Tackling the challenge of expanding Quba’s client base is Jamie Crozier, our newly appointed Head of Business Development. Jamie’s role is focused on ensuring that Quba and the agency’s clients are a great fit for one another, linking ambitious briefs with a forward-thinking team that is always on the lookout for a challenge. He is fascinated by the endless possibilities of digital and the transformative spirit of a web technology agency that has been around for 21 years. We are eager to see Jamie lead Quba’s new business development, working closely with marketing to inform lead generation, bringing with him an experience of over a decade in commercial roles within digital.

The role of Senior Project Manager has also been added to Quba, infusing the team with a new outlook on project management and supporting clients in getting the most out of their projects throughout all phases. . How does a project manager’s role adapt to a web technology agency’s day to day? Anne-Marie Scott, who just celebrated her 4th month at Quba, says  says being involved in the pre-sales process is essential. The team reviews the project requirements, timeframes and estimates together,  so that there is full clarity and agreement when it comes to the delivery phase.. The role’s responsibilities don’t stop there,  as there is much to manage throughout a project lifecycle. The role is undoubtedly valuable in ensuring there is a continuous stream of feedback, so we can keep our sights set on continuously improving our work!

Quba’s Marketing Department has also grown, with the addition of Nina Christopoulou, Quba's new Marketing Executive. Nina's role has come on board at an exciting time for the company - more on that will come very soon - and she brings with her experience in content marketing, an Inherent curiosity and an Interest on all things digital. The latter, especially, we hope will serve her well in writing for a web technology agency!

The Quba team has shown great resilience in the past few years, as we have said before, and we are proud to have not only new team members, but – more importantly – new roles that will enable the agency to reach further for our clients. I, for one, am excited to see what is ahead.

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