Matthew  Williams Matthew Williams | 10 Apr 2022

Contentstack is at the forefront of a new breed of agile content management systems, that are revolutionising the way we deliver websites and applications. It is one of the fastest growing content management systems and recognised as a strong performer in the Forrester Wave.

The platform perfectly complements our existing suite of CMS technologies, enabling us to deliver multi-channel digital experiences faster and with far greater flexibility for forward thinking clients.

What is different about Contentstack?

Contentstack is a headless content management system, empowering managers and developers to create websites that support content delivery across multiple domains and digital channels.

By separating the back end from the front end, the creation and publishing of content and the front layer presentation, the headless CMS opens a world of opportunities for both designers and developers to build more agile digital experiences.

At its core, Contentstack is API-first. This translates into easy integrations with a multitude of cloud based services and applications that business owners and marketers recognise as best of breed solutions.

Why is Contentstack a great addition to Quba’s suite of CMSs?

Contentstack perfectly complements our existing enterprise level platforms.

This headless CMS offers our clients a route into the latest web technologies, enabling them to deliver content across multiple platforms for a true omnichannel experience.

Its ease of use allows teams to create, manage and publish content faster, offering more independency, and therefore more opportunities for internal teams. Contentstack’s agnostic framework provides added freedom for developers to integrate across multiple channels and empowers business users in advancing their digital content strategy.

Ben Franklin, Quba’s Technical Director, commented on the partnership:

“With over 20 years of experience in content management systems, our philosophy has always been to be able to provide our clients with a choice of systems that reflect best of class technologies, while catering for a diverse set of needs, so they can choose the ideal CMS option for their business. I have been impressed not only with the platform and its quick rise, but also the team behind it and their commitment to continually improving ContentStack.”

An applause is in order for the Quba team for achieving this certification! We are excited to make the most of our new partnership in the future.

If Contentstack seems like an interesting choice for your business, or this blog has sparked an interest in exploring content managements systems and which option is best for your team, let us know!