Ben  Franklin Ben Franklin | 15 Dec 2016

On 30th November 2016, Kentico released a new version of its all-in-one CMS, E-commerce and Marketing platform, Kentico V10. This quick guide covers where this latest release has improved in terms of performance, stability, and maturity of features.

Maturity of features from V9 to V10

A Cross-site contact profile

Knowledge is power, everybody is always striving to understand what customers are doing and how to leverage this knowledge. A new feature within Kentico V10 is the ‘Cross-site Contact Profiles’ which allows the sharing of relevant data across multiple web properties. The end result allows you to see all user interactions that will give you a complete view of all your customers’ activities. With this collated data you can now be much more confident in giving them exactly what they're looking for.

Email campaigns

Anybody who regularly works with email campaigns within Kentico, or in fact other platforms know the associated headaches due to subscribers lists that are often changing. Kentico have matured the feature to allow you to create a new ad-hoc email campaign and quickly send it to contacts or contact groups.

Web forms and MVC development

A major step forward for Kentico V9 was the introduction of the MVC framework, Kentico V10 was always going to have even more components and scalability in this area. A welcome improvement which makes the platform as a whole more attractive, scalable and more future-proof. This will in-turn, allow many more agencies/developers to easily adopt and increase confidence to change to use the MVC framework and not the older Web Form development approach.  

Performance and speed

‘Harder, better, faster, stronger’, a song by Daft Punk but it could be a fitting way to describe Kentico V10 compared to the earlier version. There are some noticeable improvements in handling and compiling a ‘hundred million contacts and a billion activities’ of data. These statistics are both impressive and eye-watering. Take a look at what Michal Kadák, Product owner at Kentico has to say about why and how they achieved this feat.

From our point of view here at Quba, this is an exciting addition that could give us the flexibility to have a speed increase of 50% for the developer in compiling the code. This is due to Kentico V10 including the flexibility to use the .NET compiler ‘Roslyn’. In comparison we currently use MSBuild to compile as it’s the default build engine for Visual Studio and the .NET community on the Windows platform. It will be interesting to see if we can achieve any performance improvements in page-load time in using Roslyn.

See it in action

If you can’t wait to have a look yourself, you can download a hosted trial or ask to have a 1-to-1 demo with Kentico themselves here. Another area to keep an eye on is the Kentico webinar series to see how the latest Kentico V10 could work for you.

You could also call 0114 279 7779 or Email to speak to a Quban if you require any guidance on Kentico V10.