Nina Christopoulou Nina Christopoulou | 16 Dec 2021

When contactless became a temporary reality, businesses were called to re-think the importance of a digital strategy. Interactions with both employees and customers shifted to the online sphere, illustrating the importance of a robust response to the changes. As a digital transformation agency, Quba felt the ripple effect in the market. 

For Quba, the market’s transition towards digital translated into projects of larger scope, greater interest in cloud technologies and an increasingly in-depth research process for clients keen to bring together different technical capabilities that would serve their businesses both internally and externally. 

Quba’s financial performance was driven by several other factors. Moving to a fully remote working reality, when the first lockdown arrived, was a seamless experience for an agency operating in tech. With no visible drop in business performance or output, and a desire to reduce costs alongside our carbon footprint for a more sustainable future, the decision was taken to sell the 4,000 square feet office space that once housed Quba’s operations. 

Turnover was strengthened further through the sale of shares that the company acquired 10 years ago, during a collaboration with an HR software start-up, as the company was acquired in February 2021. 

With its sights set to the future, Quba shifted its focus to creating new partnerships and investing in future proof solutions for our clients. Matthew Williams, Quba’s Managing Director, commented on the agency’s plans: “Quba’s great financial performance has been driven by a shift in the market towards digital transformation. Our team of digital specialists has responded with resilience to the changes and challenges of the past two years, delivering quality solutions that empower our clients”. 

He added: “We have invested in adding new resources and capabilities to our roster, ensuring that agility and efficiency are key elements of the mix in delivering tailored solutions to our clients. Quba has embraced cloud software solutions and composable architecture, bridging the need for flexibility in operational structure for products that respond to our clients’ unique challenges. We are excited for another year with interesting briefs that urge us to take our work a step further!” 

Our team is always available to discuss unrefined ideas, brainstorm technical solutions to real life business obstacles, or just have a chat about the future of digital transformation! Let’s talk.