Webinar: Amplify your content marketing with social media ads

Are you producing great content but not seeing the results you need? Watch our webinar to find out how to amplify your content using social ads.

02 Sep 2015
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Helen Morgan

This blog post is to support our webinar on using social media ads to amplify your content. For those who were unable to join us, we have embedded a recording below. We cover a lot of detail in this webinar, so there are also some notes below the recording. 

In case you missed it, or want to replay the session there is a recording of the webinar below.

Key takeaways from the session include: 

  • How to adapt to declining organic reach on social media 
  • How to use precision targeting to reach the right people 
  • How to use industry events and real-time ads to target an already engaged audience 
  • How to decide which social channels are best for your promotional activities

What is ‘organic reach’ on social media?

  • Understand how many people your content is reaching when you post it without advertisements
  • Organic reach is typically declining across all platforms, but especially Facebook
  • More content = more competition
  • Need for quality content in order to stand out

Total number of pages ‘liked’ by the typical Facebook user: +50% YoY

Average number of potential stories that could appear on your Facebook news feed at any given time: 1,500

Your content has a much better chance of reaching the right audience if you amplify it using paid social advertisements

Social Advertisements

  • With the right channel and the right targeting, social media advertising can be cost effective.
  • It’s a good way to boost brand awareness
  • People share and engage with content. You’ll find higher engagement rates than with product/service posts

If you’re expecting immediate sales then you might be disappointed.

Social ads keep you ‘front of mind’ for when your target audience are ready to make a buying decision

Which channels are right for my business?


  • Facebook for B2C
  • LinkedIn for B2B
  • ​Twitter for B2C & B2B

But the most suitable platforms will depend on your content and your target market.

Review, learn, adapt

  • Review your ad performance using platform metrics (available on all social media platforms)
  • Ensure your content is mobile friendly
  • Mobile is a browsing platform for potential customers & this is ideal for content marketing

Helen Morgan