Medicare First Nursing

Increasing candidate registrations through content marketing, search marketing and user-centred design

Setting the Scene

Nursing agency Medicare First Nursing needed to increase the number of candidates being generated through their website. Quba proposed an integrated approach, devising a search marketing strategy to maximise enquiries from the old website while designing and building the new one around user experience and shareable content.

Top level objectives included:

"The website build was a smooth process, and the team’s results-driven approach has meant that SEO and UX were considered throughout the web project, which was really important to our business"

Macy Edwards, Medicare First Nursing

Understanding users and their interests

Our UX team generated user personas then plotted their journeys on the current site, highlighting potential goals, frustrations and questions. Together with the SEO team’s analysis of keyword search volumes, this developed an understanding of how candidates would approach their job search and what information they would require in order to convert.

From this research we planned a PPC account that capitalised on long-tail keywords and location-based search queries to deliver enquiries at a low CPA. Meanwhile, our content marketing team began producing topical health awareness infographics, while our outreach specialists built relationships with influential health bloggers to gain relevant inbound links.

Agreeing an approach

Our UX designer and content marketing manager evaluated current content, identifying gaps and defining key messages to use as meaningful dummy content in the wireframes. Because the wireframes were designed around the content, and the content designed around user journeys, we maintained a user-centred design throughout the build process.

The site architecture was developed with user experience and SEO best practice in mind, and landing pages were tailored to meet the needs of potential candidates clicking through from Google. By providing the right content for the keywords we were targeting, we created a user-centric experience to increase conversion rates for SEO and PPC traffic.

Building sustainable links

With the new website launched, our SEO and content marketing team began to produce showcase content to gain coverage and links from authoritative publishers. We identified that nursing workloads were a commonly discussed topic, and developed an innovative idea: a nursing activity calculator that would help visualise the sheer amount of work a nurse puts into an average shift.

We conducted a survey of nurses to generate data for the calculator. This allowed other nurses (and non-nurses) to compare how active they were during a shift, sparking discussions and encouraging social sharing. We knew that our target publishers would be interested in the subject matter, and the strong social sharing response from their target audience sealed the deal, so we achieved strong links from highly relevant and authoritative websites.

These high quality links drove referral traffic, as well as further improvements in search engine rankings, organic traffic and candidate registrations.

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"I’ve really enjoyed working with Quba. The digital marketing team put together a comprehensive strategy using different channels for traffic in the short and long term, and we’re definitely seeing that pay off now that the new website is live."
Macy Edwards
Marketing Team

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