Ipsos MORI

Improving site speed and recovering lost search traffic in the wake of a website redesign.

Setting the Scene

Internationally renowned market research company Ipsos MORI had concerns that a site rebuild had negatively affected their site speed and organic search visibility. The speed issues meant that online enquires were now being made via telephone putting unwanted pressure on their call centre. Drops in ranking position for important search queries were resulting in several core services receiving fewer enquiries.

They needed a highly responsive partner to diagnose the causes of their problems quickly and work with them to implement a solution. As an agency that could demonstrate solid technical SEO experience and familiarity with the technology set being used, Quba were appointed.

The following approach was taken:

Site Speed & Technical Audits

The Site Speed Audit delivered a number of technical recommendations around system architecture and server configuration to improve speeds.

The Technical SEO Audit ruled out issues with website implementation and no Google penalties were diagnosed. This reassured the client that no further drops in visibility could be expected and allowed them to accurately forecast enquiries for the coming quarter. By ruling out technical problems and penalties the audit also confirmed that the website had solid foundations for success with SEO given effective optimisation.

Keyword Research & Targeting 

Our keyword targeting review started with a keyword research project. We focused on identifying highly relevant search queries with good search volume and, crucially, clear signs of commercial intent.

Service pages were then analysed for keyword relevance. Analysis showed that key service pages had lost their relevance for certain important search terms during the website redesign. Page copy was no longer as detailed and specific, so positions in the search engine listings were dropping in response. We made recommendations for changing copy on pages and also for improved keyword use in landing page META data.

Quba's rapid response and technical SEO expertise helped Ipsos MORI regain organic search traffic and recovered the situation before it became a serious problem. 

"Quba helped us by advising on technical improvements to our web server and with content that greatly improved the speed of the website for our users and its performance in Google and other search engines."
Jim Kelleher
eCommunications Manager

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