Ideal Standard

A transformation project enabling commercial customers to specify complex, high value projects online.

Client challenge

Ideal Standard supply an extensive range of sanitary ware into large commercial projects. Their primary audience is architects and designers who use the ‘The Blue Book’ catalogue to reference products. Ideal Standard wanted to move the whole product range online and introduce an application that would specify their products directly into architect plans.

Project highlights included:

"We’ve had terrific feedback and see this service as being hugely influential in our growth strategy"

Technical challenge

A crucial part of the technical process was importing the product data from the inhouse SAP system and building the intelligence that would allow customers to pair products together to form complex assemblies.

During the project discovery we realised that the project structure in SAP was not in line with what the business needed the data to do. This meant that we had to redesign both the data and the technical architecture which is demonstrated below.

Cross device

With a number of Ideal Standard customers needing access to their projects in a variety of locations availability on mobile & tablet was essential.

An offline application was created for Ideal Standard’s teams to enable them to access the catalogue and specification engine offline. Project specifications are automatically synchronised when reconnected to the internet.

For iOS, a native app was built and is downloadable from Apple’s App Store.


The Ideal Spec project has signaled a step change for Ideal Standard in how they conduct business with their commercial customers.

"As well as helping us, this tool significantly reduces the amount of time that tradespeople spend in specifying their projects, and we’re hopeful that the technology will be a great help to the construction industry"
Tony Rheinberg
Marketing Manager

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