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Crammed full of useful advice and tips from the team here at Quba.

  • 31 Dec
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The Internet Decade

Over the last month or so I’ve been starting to get nostalgic.

As the first decade of a new century closes and a new one opens, I’ve been reflecting on how this has been the era of the Internet and how society has experienced a paradigm shift in the way we consume media, buy stuff, engage with our friends and family, how we learn, how we work. Nothing seems to have remained untouched. At the turn of the century I was...

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  • 24 Dec
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So long 2009, it's been a blast

So 2009 is now nearly wrapped up and there are only 15 minutes left in the office before we break up to eat excessively and enjoy time with friends and family.

Some of my Quba highlights of 2009: Quba gets social: Our research into social media marketing was published and went down a treat, with companies across the globe downloading the document. We're also one of the few digital marketing agencies to have a social media specialist, Rebecca Jesson, who is already...

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  • 22 Dec
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Customising and optimising your facebook fan page

[caption id="attachment_821" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Quba facebook fan page"][/caption] As part of our own Social Media communications, we have set up a fan page for Quba on facebook.

I have found some really useful, easy tools and tips to for optimisation which I would like to share here. 1. Page content: In order to optimise your page for facebook search make sure you include keywords (in a sensible way) in your page title and the info entry boxes, particularly the about us box...

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  • 21 Dec
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Keeping an aging population online - DIADEM

Image: Tiago Rïbeiro Despite all the revitalised hype surrounding HTML5, web accessibility is not such a hot topic at the moment.

This is disappointing to those of us who see an open and accessible web as (at the risk of over egging it a bit) crucial to the future of mankind. So when Dr Tony Elliman, coordinator of a web accessibility focused, EU funded research project came to speak at Geek Up Sheffield 20, I got a little excited. The DIADEM project focuses...

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  • 21 Dec
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The Social Media X Factor

Love him or hate him, you have to admire Simon Cowell as a marketer.

I wager that when he got the news that Rage Against The Machine had claimed the top spot on the UK singles chart, rather than being angry he will have been quietly taking notes. A Facebook campaign fuelled by Twitter had beaten his well orchestrate traditional media extravaganza and publicity machine to pip his act, Joe McElderry, to the top slot. And he, the great music...

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  • 14 Dec
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Disqus: Tracking your Social Media footprint

Today we have unveiled a new comment system implementing Disqus.

Exiting news?! Well, I think so. As mentioned last week, one of the key things that intimidates people about Social Media is the sheer number of places and profiles you think you have to cover. Using readily (and often freely) available tools to streamline your experience takes the terror out of the mass of information and starts to bring some organisation to your online life. Our Disqus comments allows readers to...

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  • 10 Dec
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Managing the mass of information in Social Media

[caption id="attachment_505" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Delicious"][/caption] In the comments from my post earlier this week Alison Cross asked about keeping tabs on the sea of information we now all have access to with Social Media.

I decided to write a few tips to help. 1. Decide exactly WHAT you want to look at. Is it your company's name? Industry news? Make yourself a list of keywords to monitor 2. Use Delicious to search for blogs and links (if you have Firefox you can install...

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