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Crammed full of useful advice and tips from the team here at Quba.

  • 26 Jun
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Restaurant Website Wars: Manchester House Vs The French

Quba's 5 UX improvements for Manchester Michellin hopefuls The French and Manchester House

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  • 19 Jun
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5 top tips on creating a better Mobile Experience

There’s a lot of jargon around mobile website design at the moment, but why not give people advice they can understand?

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  • 10 Jan
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Shifting your design priorities for better results: five top tips

I've been working in web-design for 15 years - during that time my attitude and how I approach design projects has changed significantly.

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  • 15 Aug
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What is 'Usability Testing'?

At QUBA we have been helping a number of our clients to take their website performance to a different level.


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  • 27 Feb
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The Search for the Definitive Checkout Process

Having worked extensively on e-commerce sites in the last few years I decided that the time was right to share my wisdom.

I’ve read many articles about the checkout process and haven't found much agreement. This article covers my views on the checkout process and conversion rate optimisation, looking in particular at the Magento checkout. Most articles in the past few years have focused on increasing conversion and reducing drop off. As part of my role I have looked at dozens...

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  • 20 Jan
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Comparing the comparisons: should you compare the meercat?

In a new age of savvy customers and tight budgets the growth of comparison sites has been outstanding in the past few years.

As part of a series of Blogs on usability this week I’ll be  exploring whether the major players in this huge market could be doing more to keep their customers happy. Life looks pretty good in the marketplace of comparisons. With so many jingles, a few dozen meercats, and millions of bargain hunters thrown in you would have...

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  • 15 Dec
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The BBC Homepage Re-design: Good, Bad or Indifferent?

Nobody likes change.

Especially if that change affects something we are familiar with and come into contact with on a regular basis. So when the BBC changed their homepage it was bound to initiate a public debate - perhaps because we all pay for the BBC and feel like it’s part of our heritage. I decided to canvass the opinions of the Quba team on this sensitive issue. It’s All About the Banner Benn Raistrick, Senior Designer Some elements of the redesign are great...

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