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Crammed full of useful advice and tips from the team here at Quba.

  • 19 Apr
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Priory Group joins Quba client roster

Quba are pleased to announce the launch of a new website for The Priory Group one of Europe's best known healthcare providers.

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  • 9 Apr
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How to generate better online enquiries

How do we get more of them? What can we do to make the quality of our enquiries better? Which methods of enquiry should we be pushing our customers towards?

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  • 20 Mar
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We're Hiring! Production Manager - Digital

Quba is a Digital Agency based in Sheffield.

Established in 2000 and with 25 staff the Agency is well renowned in the industry, and hosts an array of blue chip clients in its portfolio....

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  • 13 Mar
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Improve how you brief your search agency

Have you ever been left completely underwhelmed by a search marketing campaign? If so I think I can help.


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  • 28 Feb
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Important acronyms: why are CMS and CRM so vital to...

Many years ago all you needed to build a website was a web designer - but now the situation is very different.

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  • 22 Feb
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In the news: Interflora suffers Google ranking penalty… and retaliates...

Household name Interflora has been slapped with a severe ranking penalty as a result of ‘manipulative’ linkbuilding - but how are they making the best of a bad job?

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  • 17 Feb
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How to Recover From an Unnatural Links Penalty

This post details events on one of Quba’s SEO campaigns.

The client’s site was penalised by Google for having ‘manipulative’ link building carried out in the past. It should serve as a useful case study for both Marketing Managers and SEO’s alike as it covers what expectations a site owner should have if their site is whacked and how (at the time of writing) Quba have achieved part recovery....

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