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Yesterday three of the Quba team headed south to attend the Sitefinity & Beyond conference, the first conference held by Telerik for their flagship CMS product. After a 3+ hour journey consisting of car, train and tube we finally arrived at the British Museum (a great choice of venue).

After enjoying an arrival drink we donned our name cards and headed into the first talk, a keynote hosted by Sitefinity evangelist Gabe Sumner.

Gabe set out the schedule for the rest of the day:
- Sitefinity 5.1 preview
- Reaching new productivity heights with Sitefinity Thunder
- Migrating your website to the latest Sitefinity version
- Creating feature-rich custom modules
- Going mobile with Responsive design
- Multi-channel campaigns: where Marketing and Technical meet
- Sitefinity as an enterprise level CMS – notes from a real life case
- Beyond development – be a hero!

I won't go into detail about every session, but there were a couple that really stood out.

Sitefinity 5.1 Release

Ivan Osmak, Sitefinity Product Manager, gave a detailed account of the pending 5.1 release.
Telerik have gone down the route of optimizing existing functionality, rather than releasing many new features in the newest version of Sitefinity. To us this is a very sensible move. Sitefinity have released a number of new features recently and we were worried that they could over-stretch themselves in releasing even more new modules. By consolidating what they already have we should see advanced performance from what we are already using which will help us to give our clients an advantage over their comptitors.

Responsive Design on Sitefinity

Gabe gave a really interesting talk on responsive design for mobile, a really hot topic in the industry at the moment. The talk was split into two; half a responsive design primer, and half how it can work in Sitefinity. It is good to see the platform progressing to allow for mobile sites, as this is definitely the market to be in at this point in time.

There was also a client case study on using Sitefinity in an enterprise scenario. The Finnish company had used Sitefinity to run over 20 sites on a single instance. Understandably they had numerous issues to overcome, but it was interesting to hear how they solved them.

New friends made!

The conference also gave us a chance to put faces to names, as many of the people there we had communicated with electronically, but never face to face. For example, I got the chance to meet Erik Schradi from Faro Europe, a great guy with a brilliant sense of humour! Sitefinity & Beyond - Erik and Ben

Overall it was an informative and enjoyable day in London, and we look forward to attending again next year.