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It’s fair to say that since the release of Sitefinity 4 building bespoke modules has become much more difficult. What once took a few hours to knock together in version 3 now consumes days of development time. Yes, these new modules now hook into the workflow and multilingual framework of version 4 but the steep learning curve can definitely be infuriating.

Therefore it is with a sense of excitement (and relief) that we greet the release of the Module Builder. Introduced in version 4.4 it allows modules to be designed and registered directly within the Sitefinity admin system. Not only does it create the associated tables and taxonomy, it also provides code examples for accessing the module data directly in code.

Sitefinity4_Module_BuilderSound like the answer to all your woes? Well, yes and no. Although the Module Builder is technically a full release within 4.4, it does feel more like a beta as a number of features are currently missing or not fully functioning:

  • No multilingual support
  • Modules cannot be deleted
  • Fields cannot be edited
  • Custom widgets only via a hack

These features are all scheduled in the roadmap, but not all in the next version so it could be a while before some are available. Therefore whether or not the Module Builder will work for you at this stage in its life will depend on your requirements. If you just need a simple holder for general object types then it will save you precious time. However, if you need to incorporate it into a multilingual site then you’re better off doing it the long winded way (for now).