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Google Analytics is a free service that generates detailed analytics and statistics about the visitors to your website. It allows you to track data about where your web traffic is coming from (keywords, referral sites, direct etc.) and how visitors behave when they arrive on your site. Google Analytics is a powerful tool that provides a raft of data, which can be overwhelming. However, the system also provides advanced tools that allow you to visualise data in a way that makes clear sense.


One of these is the data visualisation tool which allows you to view data in 5 dimensions. Essentially you select metrics for the x and y axis and for the size and colour of the dots. Time is the fifth dimesntion, allowing you to see how the data changes over a given period.

Each dot on the chart represents a data point from the Analytics report that launched it. So for example, of you run a keyword report then visualise it, each dot represents a keyword.

Imagine your business has been running a PPC campaign. You might run an Analytics report on paid keywords and then visualise the data. If you set x axis to revenue, y axis to visits, the dot size to transactions and the colour to conversion rate. As you click play to visualise the data over time, you will be able spot trends, such as an increase or decrease in the revenue generated by certain keywords. This will help you to understand how your keywords have performed over time and allow you to spot any downward trends before they become a problem.

If you would like to have a chat with Quba about interpreting your web analytics, or even installing Google Analytics in the first place, please feel free to drop me an email on or give us a call on 0114 279 7779.