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No, I don't wear tights.

Obviously the gang here at Quba decided to soften the transition from student life to full-time employment by starting me off just before the rash of April/May bank holidays. It's also a lovely relaxed office environment... anyone for a game of pool?

Anyway, down to business. My name is Edward, and I’m the newest addition to the rapidly expanding team at Quba in my new role as Search Engine Marketing Exec. I’m London born and bred, but have lived in Yorkshire for the past four years, studying at the University of York. My undergrad degree was plain ole History, and in January I finished an MA in Medieval Studies… the perfect segway into a career in the fast-paced world of digital marketing, I’m sure you’ll agree. What exactly is Medieval Studies, I hear you cry? Well, it was mostly history with a sprinkling of art history and literature thrown in, so I can spout with very little authority on subjects ranging from the influence of Ovid in the middle ages to the patterned voussoirs of Mudejar architecture.

I began to be interested in SEO work and digital marketing when I started writing my own blog (you can find it at last summer. It’s all about books, because I’m incredibly cool. I got very interested in how many people were reading it, where they were from, and why my blog seemed to be so inexplicably popular with Russian search engines. It’s normally updated fairly regularly, but I’ve been moving house and haven’t had internet for a while. There’s more to come, honest.

My hobbies include archery, which I hope to carry on with the Sheffield University club, some of whom I know from my days at York. It is a beautiful sport which involves a lot of standing still and absolutely no running around, unlike all those undignified games like football. I also play the guitar (and have been known to sing), probably much to the annoyance of the people in the flats around mine, and was in a great rock n’ roll band in York last year. Sadly we were cut down in our prime when degrees finished and people moved away, but it was great fun while it lasted.

So, what else? It’s been an excellent first week at Quba – well, four days anyway – the team is really friendly and there’s plenty to do and lots of interesting new stuff to learn about. If you need anything, drop me an email at