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connectToday we have unveiled a new comment system implementing Disqus. Exiting news?! Well, I think so. As mentioned last week, one of the key things that intimidates people about Social Media is the sheer number of places and profiles you think you have to cover. Using readily (and often freely) available tools to streamline your experience takes the terror out of the mass of information and starts to bring some organisation to your online life.

Our Disqus comments allows readers to log in using their Facebook, Twitter, Open ID or Yahoo ID. This means no tiresome registration and I can connect with you more easily. Additionally, if you like,  you can automatically share your comments and words of wisdom to easily spread the discussion all across your social web.

Now that I've set up my Disqus profile I can click through to see all the comments I have made on other blogs which use the Disqus platform. I can also check out other people's profile, if I like the things they talk about it's easier for us to make a connection.

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