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connectToday we have unveiled a new comment system implementing Disqus. Exiting news?! Well, I think so. As mentioned last week, one of the key things that intimidates people about Social Media is the sheer number of places and profiles you think you have to cover. Using readily (and often freely) available tools to streamline your experience takes the terror out of the mass of information and starts to bring some organisation to your online life.

Our Disqus comments allows readers to log in using their Facebook, Twitter, Open ID or Yahoo ID. This means no tiresome registration and I can connect with you more easily. Additionally, if you like,  you can automatically share your comments and words of wisdom to easily spread the discussion all across your social web.

Now that I've set up my Disqus profile I can click through to see all the comments I have made on other blogs which use the Disqus platform. I can also check out other people's profile, if I like the things they talk about it's easier for us to make a connection.

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  1. 7 Jan

    prosto2 Cool. thanks a lot. I like this post its great!

  2. 9 Jan

    Change-of-Address Congratulations on moving over to Disqus! It's always a big transition to incorporate a new blog commenting system. It seems like a lot of people are moving in this direction to avoid comment spam. Was that a major factor in your decision?

  3. 14 Jan

    Rebecca Jesson Hi there, one of the main things we liked about Disqus is the ability to have threaded comments. Allowing the Quba folk to reply to people directly means conversation is easier. Really liking Disqus so far!

  4. 14 Dec

    Rebecca Jesson This is me posting using my Twitter log in. YEAHHH!

  5. 15 Dec

    Rob Wilmot Nice to see Quba using inlcusive tools!

  6. 16 Jan

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  7. 16 Mar

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  8. 18 Mar

    Banetta Carter Disqus has always been my favorite commenting system. The speed of it always amazes me.Disqus is under active is a listen to user feedback.

  9. 24 Mar

    Nadine Mccray I am a happy Disqus customer. Implementing Disqus comments on this blog, enabling people to track their conversations around the Web..

  10. 31 Mar

    Rosemary Chambers I find posting a comment via Disqus confusing and more of a pain. I'm less likely to bother posting a comment here now. You know I love you. But I don't love this thing - it's in my way.

  11. 19 Jan

    Rebecca Jesson Disqus is proving to be very successful, thanks! Baxi test.

  12. 15 Feb

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  13. 4 Mar

    Serine Lawson Disqus is the most powerful commenting program right now. And I love it, 'cause disqus are revolution the way blog commenting.

  14. 15 Feb

    John Lee I love disqus. I just installed it on my WP blog, and so far, not a single spam comment has come through. I also like the way it lets people interact easier, through commenting..

  15. 18 Aug

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