Kentico 8: A look into the new and improved features

Kentico Software recently released version 8 of their popular content management system. 

Kentico Software recently released version 8 of their popular content management system.  According to Kentico, this release is intended to help marketers and developers launch integrated marketing campaigns that engage today’s fragmented audiences across all digital channels. 

Quba have been having a bit of a play around with the Kentico 8 and below is a shortlist of some new & improved features. 

UI Redesign

Over the years Kentico has added many new features which has made it difficult to navigate around the CMSDesk.  The CMSDesk has been completely redesigned with the new UI following the tiled approach used by Windows 8.  The CMSDesk and SiteManager have been removed and all functionality has now been separated into Applications.


Form Builder

Kentico 8 have scrapped the old BizForms (or online forms) and replaced it with the new Form Builder.  

The new form builder simplifies the process of creating forms for non-technical users by introducing the drag and drop interface.  The form builder also gives users the ability to setup multiple validation rules on each field.



We have started to use Kentico a lot more for ecommerce applications and it’s nice to see some really useful new features introduced in the latest version.  Below is a quick overview of some of these:

  • Ability to setup rules for discounts on products and whole orders
  • Ability to setup rules for free shipping
  • Ability to create product variants & set individual prices & SKU Numbers
  • Improvements to the discount coupons
  • Integration with Strands recommendation engine 

Improved site search

Kentico already had a good site search functionality which was very easy to setup.  Some small improvements have been made to make it even better.

  • Fuzzy search – this basically means it will try and find the closest match to a search term if it cannot find a exact match
  • Synonym search – the built in search engine allows the users to return a larger result set based on synonyms

Online Marketing

The online marketing section of Kentico has new features added with pretty much every new release, version 8 introduces Personas. The Personas module allows you to setup rules which are used to assign your site visitors to a particular group (or Persona) based on their user data.  This can then be used to display content relevant for that particular persona.

22 May

Jon Eaton
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