Creating and promoting engaging content should be central to any digital marketing strategy.
We design campaigns that gain coverage in relevant and targeted online publications. Driving traffic and brand awareness and achieving inbound links to help your SEO.
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Content Marketing

Opportunity Analysis

Analysing niches and finding topics that appeal to users is key to effective Content Marketing. Our team use a combination of industry tools and specialised knowledge to uncover opportunities.
We start by understanding audience interests and then narrow down our focus to subject areas that have relevance to your business.
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Content Marketing

Content Creation

To cover a piece of content, publishers are looking for quality execution of a good idea. Whether articles, graphics or larger interactive content our team help your brand stand out from the noise.
Our content has featured in GQ Magazine, The Sun, Mail Online, The Telegraph and Top Gear. We have good relationships with our publisher networks because we create content that gets their readers talking.
Case study: Creating engaging automotive content

Quba have played an integral role in Fircroft’s content marketing success over the past 12 months. Their team of content marketing professionals have injected a burst of creativity and thoroughness into our digital marketing efforts which has reaped rewards on multiple levels, from new leads and candidates to improved SEO rankings and a national-level recruitment award.

Successful Content Marketing: 4 Steps to a Winning Content Promotion Strategy

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People don’t just ‘find’ good content. An intelligent outreach strategy is required to gain online coverage and links from high authority and relevant publishers.
Our proprietary proof of concept documents use research data to show journalists that content will appeal to their target audiences and form a successful story for their site.

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In an ideal world all site visitors would convert into customers immediately. However, we know this isn't the case.
Using the tracking pixels on your site we can segment visitors and show them your content whilst they're on other platforms.
This helps ensure that site visitors continue their journey with your brand. Helping to link up Content Marketing with conversions and sales.

Social Media Promotion

Social media ad campaigns and influencer promotions will help amplify your content to relevant audiences.
We engage your audiences across relevant social channels. Reaching them through highly targeted social advertising and a selection of influencers that your audience follow and admire.
Watch our webinar on how to amplify your in house content

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Chris Ebbs

Chris Ebbs

Head of SEO

If you fancy a chat about anything digital, feel free to contact Chris on email hello@quba.co.uk or give Chris a call on 0114 279 7779.

Official Microsoft Gold Partner
Official Microsoft Gold Partner
Luke Cope / 27 October

Successful Content Marketing - 4 ways to create a winning content promotion strategy

Official Microsoft Gold Partner
Official Microsoft Gold Partner
Luke Cope / 17 October

5 Ways of coming up with educated content ideas

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