The value of investing in Web CMS training

Should you be investing in Web CMS training and if so, what would work for you?

17 Mar 2017
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Chris Bainbridge

What are the issues you're faced with?

A common list of issues we often hear, where training can help in a solution: 

  • The business has invested a large amount into a new CMS technology, we want users to make use of this new technology and gain user widespread adoption/advocates.
  • Want to leverage more power with the CMS, feel the CMS is just in 2nd gear. These CMS offer so many features, are you making the most of them? 
  • People leave the business, therefore a lack of CMS knowledge is available to take over for a smooth transition.
  • Refresher courses, as it’s been a long time period since they received any training and attendees want to make sure their methods are still current/correct.

The value and ROI of doing CMS training

As employees continue to struggle with cost-cutting measures that force fewer people to handle rising workloads, proper training is becoming more vital to success than ever before. For employees, training can strengthen workplace skills and can lead to greater long-term job security. From an employer perspective, having well-trained workers is key to maintaining competitive performance and distinguishing a company from its rivals.

Improving efficiency of carry out tasks 

Normally CMS training would yield a 20% efficiency to carry out tasks faster. We can give attendees the necessary guidance on the tools available, recommended processes, a number of tips and tricks of the CMS world, and explain any of the CMS nuances, as every CMS platform has their own little quirks.

Let's put this into numbers…

Lets put this into numbers

Let's say over the course of a week long period you spend 5 hours in the CMS as part of the job role. So we are confident that after the training, we will potentially save you 1 hour (20%) a week, over the month this equates to 4 hours, over the course of the year, this equates to 48 hours!.  

Risks of not investing in CMS training

Mistakes unfortunately do happen from time to time, as we are all human, see some recent high profile examples: 

What we can do is try to reduce and mitigate these errors and mistakes by taking the appropriate amount of training, education and following best practice processes.

Different types of CMS training materials

As part of training, we have the flexibility to provide different assets and resources which work best for the attendees and business. Below we have listed out these different assets and a few examples we have created.

Screencast videos with audio

These are recorded screen capture videos with audio. These are based on context driven scenarios.These scenarios are often mutually agreed by clients on tasks they will perform regularly.

An example of a context driven scenario: What is the URL so I can login to the CMS dashboard?

Why these assets work: 

  • Great to have for the long-term, these can be used to train new members of staff or in refresher courses
  • They are very effective for users to engage with 
  • Can be replayed and revisited multiple times

Facilitate a training/workshop session

We run and facilitate training and workshop sessions for end users to attend. We run through different scenarios in a collaborative structured environment. 

Why these work: 

  • Dedicated time to work through these scenarios in a controlled environment
  • We do provide different activities because different people learn in different ways, so the session will cater for all these different learning types

Creating ‘Help/Crib’ worksheets

These are printed, double sided and laminated sheets that provide quick help for users. 

Why these worksheet assets work: 

  • These are great resources for people to have on their desks to use as a quick reference point
  • Multiple worksheets can be created and used
  • Laminated to last in the office environment

Training Workbook

We create workbooks to outline the importance and purpose of activities. These take away workbooks can help users as a reference guide and a place for them to collate notes.

Why these workbook assets work:

  • Attendees appreciate a take-away
  • A great documented reference point that can include step-by-step guide and provides further reading
  • All the user's notes are collated in one document 

Follow up Q&A Clinic

These sessions can be done remotely so we can easily answer any questions that the team have raised over a certain time period, after the hands-on CMS session.

Why these clinic sessions work: 

  • These are sessions where we provide help to any questions raised by the team
  • As users spend more time within the environment and going through the scenarios, they will start to raise further questions 
  • They can also be recorded and the video then used as a training asset

Keep on improving and investing

It’s an important point that we try to encourage a learning culture. This is a good way to express to all employees that your business cares about enhancing employee skills and wants every worker - whether training or not - to remain competitive within their skill set. Don't limit your training to new employees; try to bring in as many workers as you can who would benefit from any additional digital/CMS training.

This also applies to the people giving the training, we as your digital partner are always seeking feedback on what worked well, and what areas could be improved upon. We can then be improving our assets, training process, facilitation and training techniques to improve the service that we provide. One way we do this is by filling in a questionnaire at the end of each session. 

Your next steps?

If you require any support, help in proposing your own digital training or you are interested in receiving any CMS training from us directly, feel free to give us a call. 

Call: 0114 279 7779 or Email: to get in touch.