Quba's first ShipIt Day

Back in January we held our very first ShipIt Day. Tasked with having to build something functional in a day, here's what we built, and how we did it...

18 Feb 2016
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Helen Morgan

Traditionally, a ShipIt Day takes place over the course of a 24 hour period, however we gave ourselves our normal working hours in order to build something, anything, from scratch. That’s 7.5 working hours! This idea has been used extensively in the USA and is aimed at getting different members of the team, especially people who don’t work together often, to collaborate on a project away from the normal day to day schedule.

We’d had a list of potential ideas floating around for a while, so the first step was to decide which idea we were going to build. The list featured everything from a tinfoil dinosaur (no one said it had to be a technical build after all!) to a reception based message receiving service that allowed our clients to let us know whether they’d like tea or coffee before they arrive.

In the end we decided to build QUBA TV. The idea was to utilise the large screen TV’s dotted round the office for client demonstrations when they were not being used. We decided that the best use for them would be to communicate useful updates about what’s going on within Quba on an hour by hour basis - as things here are constantly on the move here!


We started by assessing which data channels we could integrate together to provide a news feed of useful information to display on a daily basis. The initial channels included Twitter, our blog feed and tickets completed via DoneDone our job management software. But we had a lot more ideas so the project is very scalable and can be built on by future teams.

The team for the inaugural ShipIt Day included four of our developers - Jasper, Ji, Jake and Zack, our Senior UX Designer, Gemma, Digital Account Manager, Ed, and myself, Marketing Executive. After a brief specification session, we split into two groups - the developers headed to one side of the room to work out exactly how they were going to build QUBA TV and exactly what was possible in the time allotted, while Gemma, Ed and I worked on the aesthetics.


By the end of the day we had a fully functioning demo that showed information on a carousel style platform using API’s to pull in live data, some of which we built from scratch.

To conclude the session we presented the work back to the company and graciously received the applause!

The next step for this project is to build on it, integrate more systems and have it as a fully functioning dashboard for both employees and visitors to the office. The first QUBA ShipIt Day was a great success, and we already can’t wait for the next one.

Whether you’re currently a client of ours, or have a project you want to talk to us about, feel free to get in touch on 0114 279 7779 or drop us a line at hello@quba.co.uk for more information.

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